The Kamado Rocket Was Announced The Winner of The 2014 Hearth & Home Magazine Vesta Awards

Bruce Spangrud with 2014 Vesta Award

Bruce Spangrud with 2014 Vesta Award

Our Kamado Rocket Barbecue Grill has been acknowledged as the most innovative and superior grill of 2014 by the esteemed Hearth & Home Magazine. Galaxy Outdoor of Las Vegas has set the bar extremely high with the unique Kamado Rocket Barbecue Grill, with it’s beautiful aesthetics and multifunctional cooking capabilities it has it’s competitors in a panic. The Kamado Rocket does it all while looking great, consumers have the choice of a built-in or a cart model. The Kamado Rocket 3-In-1 Grill has the ability to Grill, Smoke and act as a Convection Oven. It can even use Charcoal! It’s truly amazing and comes in a range of sizes and in a vast array of exterior finishes. It’s no wonder it received the 2014 Vesta Award by Hearth & Home Magazine.

Available Kamado Rocket Sizes

Kamado Rocket Barbecue Grill Sizes

Available Kamado Rocket Grill Sizes

Our XL Unit is the largest kamado smoker / grill ever built in the United States, with 491 square inches on just the main cooking grate and 25″ Inside Diameter.

(Add 3 upper cooking racks & 1 lower rack and Wow, now you have 1397 square Inches of cooking space)

The Large is 398 square inches and 22.5″ inside diameter with 1000 square inches of cooking space. (2 racks on top & 1 rack on bottom)

The Medium is 254 square inches and 18″ inside diameter with 600 square inches of cooking space. (1 rack on top & 1 rack on bottom)

The Small is 176 square inches and 15″ inside diameter with 250 square inches of cooking space. (1 rack on top)

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